Professional Consulting Services

Setting up sales network for foreign companies that want to sell in Greece and Cyprus

Every business and product need a proper tailored made plan to be sold properly and with the right proportions in the market in target.

  • Defining the target market.

  • Knowing the competition.

  • Identifying the best potential sales points.

Assessment of existing sales network

The network of each company and each brand it represents, is defining its value. Therefore, frequently the network needs to be assessed, evaluated in order for the company’s management to take the necessary decisions for the company’s next steps.

    Sales and marketing plans for change or resetting in the market

    In combination with the above, when a company needs to reset a sales system or launch a new product, we can provide the proper business plan that can be used as a pathway for the company.

      Large scale projects assistance

      Nowadays, many constructors or final clients require the proposal or the assistance of the producer company in the implementation of their products in the project. We are here, with specialized collaborators and our long experience to facilitate and assist this need.